Ilse Luise L.M.T.

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2000     Texas Healing Arts Institute

2004     Lauterstein-Conway School of        

​2013     The University of Texas at Austin
                 BA, Liberal Arts        
​  Every body has a story. Just as joy is written on the face, stress is written in the tension of a neck, or the way one shoulder still holds the phantom weight of a bag it is no longer carrying. All your experiences feed into your unique story. 

 Your massage is a response to that story, which is why I so often find myself making up moves that I've never done before, finding the paths that work uniquely for the person in front of me.    

One can feel compassion and caring through touch with absolute clarity, so I give my attention and respect automatically, authentically, without judgement, and from a place of universal love for humankind. This message takes us down to our most basic, where nothing more is asked of us in this moment than to breathe.
–Ilse Luise (ilsa lu-eesa)


"I am a massage therapist and this is who I go to for bodywork. Ilse perfectly balances therapeutic bodywork with relaxation. She expertly finds and melts all of the bundled knots of stress and tension, intuitively working at just the right level of pressure . . . 90 minutes with Ilse once a month helps me reset by body and mind." 
​–Tamara S. (via Yelp)
"Massage treatments with Ilse are some of the best I’ve ever had, hands down. She’s attentive, knowledgeable and extremely good at her craft. When I was pregnant she modified her techniques to attend to my changing body and when not pregnant she skillfully manipulates my muscles to the point of melted butter. "
–Scarlett Vivienne Holloway

(via Facebook)

"I found Ilse at WellSpace by accident and I am SO glad I did. I got a 60 minute deep tissue massage. She took the time to learn about not only where I was hurting but WHY I was experiencing stress and body pain. It was honestly the best massage I've ever gotten. I walked away feeling relaxed and pain free. Thanks Ilse! I'd highly recommend to anyone needing a little healing."
–Lucy Cultrera (via Google )

  1. Custom Massage
    This is a creative, mixed modality massage, custom-tailored to fit the body at hand. The pressure is firm and the movements are flowing for a relaxing experience with results that last.
  2. Deep Tissue
    Effective deep tissue massage is intensely pleasurable, never painful. The aim is to gently find your perfect depth for profound and lasting pain relief. Slow, deliberate movements comfortably unwind knots and adhesions. Done well, deep tissue can be the most relaxing massage you receive.
  3. Prenatal
    Prenatal massage provides safe and natural relief from pain and stress while helping to support a healthy pregnancy. I use the BodyCushion Pro System (pregnancy massage cushions) designed to cradle and support your changing body, relieve abdominal pressure, ensure proper blood flow, and give better access to sore necks, backs and hips.
Schedule & Pricing

Sunday      :   12pm–6pm
Monday    :   6pm–10pm
Thursday  :  11am–8:30pm
Friday         :  11am–8:30 pm
Saturday   :  11am–8:30pm

60 minutes............................$90   
75 minutes.........................$110  
90 minutes.........................$130      
105 minutes......................$150  
120 minutes......................$170  

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NO TIPS. My rates are right where they belong.

All times are hands-on. 30 minutes are added at booking to allow for consultation and other practicalities.
I accept cash, check, credit, debit, Apple/ Android Pay, and HSA card (valid with letter of medical need from your doctor). 

Discount packages: 
5% off 3 sessions
10% off 5 sessions
15% off 12 sessions 

Gift certificates are available, elegantly packaged and never expire.  

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